A downloadable student project

Cosmic Crunch was made as a 3 week long  2nd year student project from Breda University of Applied Sciences as a challenge of making a game with a custom controller. In this game you fly as a fish through space to get to your delicious destination.  Dodge the deadly obstacles and crunch through weaker hurdles. Eat powerup boxes to regain lives.


Joey Jacobs - Controller and gameplay programming, music and sfx

Jonah Rutten - Controller and gameplay programming

Laura Bot - City planet, technical art, trailer, concept art, animation

Luuk Ammerlaan - Space highway assets, UI, concept art

Naeema Saeed - Canyon planet, concept art, particle effects

Coen Oorschot - Technical art, various assets, concept art, character modeling

Sven de Wit - Technical design, gameplay design, UI, UX

Tomasz Sierko - Production, PO, controller creation

Norbert van Hamond - Gameplay design, sound effects, research

Ronny Josch - Level design, technical design, gameplay design


Cosmic Crunch.zip 337 MB

Install instructions

Keyboard Controls:
WASD / Arrow Keys | Move
F | Eat
Escape | Go to pause menu

Gamepad Controls:
Left Thumbstick | Move
Left Face Button | Eat

Installation Procedure:

1.) (If not extracted yet) Extract CosmicCrunch_MasterBuild.rar
2.) Run Tikal_GM1.exe